Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Luring song

This, this is the thing
the heart of the universe
the nucleus of the acorn
the one sound beneath all sounds
the direction all directions 
eventually run.

This is why you are hungry.
Why you go searching
even when you don’t know you are.
Why grace alights
as a fragile winged creature
on the stone in your belly
and brings it back to life
calling it through the million years
of stony hibernation,
the slow sleep 
of the uncalled.

And so I am calling you.
And so you are called.
And so the universe
the acorn
the one sound
the directions
they hear me.

And so the call
it travels through the heartline into the being
into secret cathedrals and crevices
beneath the skin 
of earth.

And so we are drawn.
The movement of God beneath atoms of light,
of darkness, unthinkable particles
goes finally unhindered.
It is
the simplest ceremony.

I see you coming from
the edge of the desert
over the curve of the foothill
up from the other side of the solar system.
I see the water and the wind