Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Psalm to Trickster

I have lived a very long time.
Enough to see your infinite cunning.
I will not list the ways of the unlistable.

Instead there is geometry.

The schematics of every breathing machine
in all creation, diagrams undecipherable by 
all who depend on every tiny part working.

Only the science fools me, so I perform it. 
In galleries. When the small crowd is gone and 
only cement floors and white walls see me as I am.

You and your many wires, many knobs,
many tubes of salvation—the sound of living 
things passing one another, breathing in unison.

The sound of airwaves rolling over lies
to reveal the very first creation story.

The sound of mythology winning
the very last debate, the sound still 
hijacking every sense that all is lost.

The howl of pages turning in the hurricane, of
alphabet soup exploding into War & Peace 
by chance.

These sounds.

All because of the flurry 
of your invisible fingers.

You trick winter into summer into winter,
and none of us knows what hit them.

Why any oak spreads wings over 
the city floor is beyond me.

I cannot guess your next move.

You lead me into underwater caves
in search of a hidden library.

Rewrite my history, make me 
wait out the invisible roar.

Bombs hit all the wrong landmarks,
and that is how aliens read our 
gorgeous hieroglyphics from afar.

We never understand your play.

You pull back all the tracks but 
one, and that is our life story.

We never hear that classic rock masterpiece
all heaven hears on a Sunday afternoon.