Sunday, March 16, 2014


NASA : Perpetual Ocean

I want you to understand

that there is no flow—

this is all irrigation, breaking

ground to find a vein of water

This is being half alive

but running a message barefoot

from mountain to mountain,

chewing root and imagining water

This is moving stones

in the dry valley when no one’s looking

then evaporating back into baked air

till the time comes again to do the

miracle that turns dust atoms to water

This is rain in a field

that can no longer hold it—

blind groping for roots that

have worn down to shreds, to

outlines of words without water

This is building a dam without a river,

believing springs will one day rush up 

from deep earth and begin a deluge; 

building a boat and waiting

to be lifted by invisible water

I want you to understand

that I am still half alive—

and the part of me that sleeps

is spinning stories outside time—

And on some other earth,

formless and void, some spirit roves

over the water, waiting for the

word that says light