Thursday, February 25, 2016

Work in the invisible

Something from Rumi's (1207-1273) Masnavi, Book III, lines 3077-3109 and one other segment, in somewhat loose translation as always. 
For everyone who fights for hope.

Two Face : David Sanford

The prophets
have wondered to themselves,
"How long
should we keep pounding 
this cold iron?
How long
do we have to whisper 
into an empty cage?"

So don't be timid.
Load the ship and set out.
No one knows for certain
whether the vessel will sink
or reach the harbor.

Just don't 

be one of those merchants
who won't risk the ocean!
This is much more important
than losing or making money!

This is your connection to God.
You must set fire to have light.

Think of the fear and the hope
you have about your livelihood.
They make you go to work
diligently each day.

Now consider what
the prophets have done.

Abraham wore fire
for an anklet.
Moses spoke to the sea.
David molded iron.
Solomon rode the wind.

Work in the invisible world
at least as hard
as you do in the visible.

Be companions 
with the prophets
so that no one knows.

You can't imagine 
what profit will come!
When one of those generous ones
invites you into his fire,
go quickly!

Don't say,
"But will it burn me?
Will it hurt?"

Move around the center
as pilgrims wind the Kaaba.

Being still
is how one clay clod
sticks to another in sleep,
while movement wakes us up
and unlocks
new blessings.