Sunday, October 26, 2014

There could be holy fallout

These days when I don't have many words of my own...thanks, Hafez.  I run into you at just the right moments.

We are often in battle.
So often defending every side of the fort,
it may seem, 

Sit down, my dear,
take a few deep 

think about 

a loyal friend.
Where is your 
your pet, 

a brush?

Surely one 
who has lasted as long 
as you
knows some path, 

some place inside
that can give a sweet 

If you cannot 
slay your panic,
then say within
as convincingly as you can,
It is all God’s will!

Now pick up your life again.
Let whatever is out there
come charging in,
and spit into the air,
there could 
be holy fallout.

those ladders like tiny matchsticks
with just phantoms upon them
you thought were trying 

to scale your heart.

Your love has such
an eloquent sound.
The sky and I 

want to hear it!

If you still feel helpless,
give our battle cry again—
(Hafez has shouted it
 a thousand-and-one times!)
It is all,
It is all the Beloved’s will!

What is 
that luminous rain I see
all around you 
in the future,
Sweeping in from the east plain?

It looks like, 
O it looks like
Holy fallout
filling your mouth and your palms
with Joy!